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Hawaiian Botanicals & Water Gardens is a Metro Vancouver greenhouse/nursery business located in Richmond, BC. We are primarily a wholesale greenhouse operation, but our Richmond nursery is also open to the public for retail sales on Saturday & Sunday from spring until autumn (see visitor information). We're located 12 km southeast of the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). In our retail premises (for onsite sales only), we specialize in tropical plants, carnivorous plants, outdoor water gardening (aquatic plants) and pond fish (koi & goldfish). For wholesale information, please visit this page of our website: Wholesale


Contact Information:  
Telephone: 604-270-7712 (10 am to 6 pm, Pacific Time)
Email: info@hawaiianbotanicals.com
Fax: 604-270-7779 (9 am to 6 pm, Pacific Time)


Hawaiian Botanicals & Water Gardens,
6011 No. 7 Road,
Richmond, B.C.
V6W 1E8,  Canada
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2016 Hours of Operation:
From mid-March until October 31, we are open for local retail sales on Saturday and Sunday only. As we're now primarily a wholesale supplier, we no longer ship retail orders. Wholesale orders are packed and shipped on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Wholesale customers can also schedule a visit on these days. We're unable to process wholesale orders on weekends during the spring & summer, as we are too busy helping our retail customers.
Please note that our scheduled hours of operation change periodically throughout the year. If you are planning on visiting us during our late fall to winter off-season, you will need to email or phone us to book an appointment.


Note: New Retail & Wholesale Schedule for our 2016 Season!


March 14 - September 29, 2016

Retail Visits: 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday & Sunday. Closed Aug. 07!
Wholesale only: 10 am - 6 pm, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.
Closed: Thursday & Friday.
October 01 - October 31, 2016

Retail Visits: 10 am - 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday.
Wholesale only: 10 am - 5 pm, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.
Closed: Thursday & Friday.
November 01 - December 23, 2016


Retail Visits: 10 am - 4 pm, Saturday & Sunday.
Wholesale only: 10 am - 4 pm, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.
Closed: Thursday & Friday.
Please phone or email us to confirm that our tropical greenhouse is open, as we may be closed due to bad weather: 604-270-7712 or info@hawaiianbotanicals.com
December 24 - Jan. 04, 2016 Closed for the holidays.
January, 2017
Open by appointment only. Please phone or email us to schedule an appointment from Saturday to Wednesday, 10 am - 4 pm.

Our Location

We are located at 6011 No. 7 Road, at the southwest corner of Westminster Hwy. and No. 7 Road in Richmond, BC; approximately 10 km from the Vancouver International Airport.
Route suggestions below (scroll down for public transit):

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From Vancouver
via the Oak Street Bridge


Take the Shell Road exit south from Hwy. 99 after crossing the bridge and proceed south to Westminster Hwy. Turn left onto Westminster Hwy. and proceed east to No. 7 Rd.; about a 6 minute drive from the Shell Road exit. Turn right at No. 7 Rd. and and angle park in the limestone parking area outside our nursery.
From Vancouver or Burnaby via the Knight St. Bridge


Continue to head south along Knight St. after crossing the bridge. At the intersection of Knight St. and Westminster Hwy., turn left onto Westminster Hwy. and proceed east to No. 7 Road, about a 2 minute drive from Knight St. Turn right at No. 7 Rd. and angle park in the limestone parking area outside our nursery.
From New Westminster or Coquitlam




Cross the Queensborough Bridge and continue driving south on Highway 91A. Take the Richmond exit onto Highway 91(you will be heading west) and immediately watch for the Westminster Hwy. exit on your right. Take the Westminster Hwy. exit and turn left onto Westminster Hwy. at the traffic light, at the top of the overpass. Drive west along Westminster Hwy. for approximately 5 minutes, turn left at No. 7 Rd., and angle park in the limestone parking area outside our nursery.
From Surrey or Langley



Access Highway 91 northbound. Cross the Alex Fraser Bridge and take the Richmond exit, heading west along Hwy. 91. Immediately after entering Richmond, take the Westminster Hwy. exit on your right, turn left at the top of the overpass and drive west along Westminster Hwy. to No 7 Rd. Turn left onto No. 7 Road and angle park in the limestone parking area outside our nursery.
From Ladner or Delta


Take Hwy. 99 north through the Massey Tunnel to the Westminster Hwy. exit. Take the exit and turn right,  driving east along Westminster Hwy. to No. 7 Road. Turn right at No. 7 Rd. and angle park in the limestone parking area outside our nursery.
Public Transit via SkyTrain & Bus
From Vancouver: If you are planning on visiting us via public transit, please note that the closest bus stop to our location is approximately 2 km west at the intersection of No. 6 Road & Wireless Way. Here is a suggested route if you are travelling from Vancouver to our nursery:
     Board the SkyTrain (Canada Line to Richmond-Brighouse) and disembark at Brighouse Station Bay 1 in Richmond. Board the C96 East Cambie bus and disembark at the No. 6 Rd. & Wireless Way bus stop. A short walk south along No. 6 Rd. will bring you to Westminster Hwy. You will see a large church (Armenian Apostolic Church, 13780 Westminster Hwy) on the southwest corner of No. 6 & old Westminster Hwy. Cross Westminster Hwy., turn left & cross No. 6 Rd. A very short walk east along old Westminster Hwy. (separated from Westminster Hwy. by a narrow grassy meridian) will bring you to the start of  the paved bike/pedestrian path located parallel to Westminster Hwy on the south side of the road. After a 2 km walk east along the bike path, you will arrive at our location on the southwest corner of No. 7 Rd. & Westminster Hwy.
     We recommend that you visit http://www.translink.ca in order to obtain current transit schedules & other transit information. The 'Trip Planner' feature in the Translink website does not recognize destinations that involve walking farther than 1/2 km from the nearest public transit stop. We therefore suggest that you type in the Armenian Church address of '13780 Westminster Hwy., Richmond' as your destination if you would like to try using Translink's 'Trip Planner' online tool. You can also access the 'Google Street View' of this section of Westminster Hwy. to familiarize yourself with the walk before setting out.

Visitor Information

Visitors with children: Visitors should be aware that our water gardening areas can be a hazard to very young children. In order to ensure that your visit is a pleasant experience, please supervise your children closely at all times. Thank you.    

Visitors with dogs: If you have decided to bring a dog with you, please note that we do not allow dogs within our premises. However, you are welcome to tie up your dog in the shady area adjacent to the nursery entrance.
     It is not our intention to offend dog owners, but we have found it necessary to implement this policy due to the damage caused by dogs jumping into our pond plant tanks. A different set of problems has occurred when dogs are brought into our tropical greenhouse. Due to the presence of a large number of plants, the average dog will assume that the greenhouse is an outdoor environment. When nature calls, the dog will answer. Also, a dog's tail is remarkably efficient at knocking over potted plants.

Nursery Description

Greenhouse: Our 4000 sq.ft. retail greenhouse contains a diverse selection of bromeliads, carnivorous plants, orchids, Tillandsias, and other tropical plants. The southwest bay of the greenhouse features a 20' concrete koi pond and waterfall feature, landscaped along the perimeter with tropical plants.

Water Gardening: This outdoor section of our nursery is devoted to cold-hardy aquatic plants. We stock a wide assortment of plants for ponds: water lilies, marginals, oxygenators, floating plants, and Lotus. We also have a hard goods shop, where you can peruse our selection of fish foods, pumps, filters, ultraviolet clarifiers, and other water garden accessories

Koi House: This 22' long glasshouse features select koi imported from a bio-secure breeding facility in Israel.

Goldfish House: This smaller glasshouse contains our goldfish tanks. Here we stock various sizes & breeds of goldfish such as Comets, Shubunkins, & Fantails.

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