Family: Various
Plants used for culinary, medicinal or cultural purposes.


The term 'ethnobotanicals' refers to plants which are primarily used for human consumption or other usage. For example, plants such as beans (food), pepper (spice), tobacco (recreational drug) and the yew tree (medicinal drug) can all be classified as ethnobotanicals.
     We are presently working on increasing our selection of ethnobotanicals & will be adding to this page as our 2009 season progresses.   


Colocasia esculenta
Common Name: Taro
Description: The numerous varieties & cultivars are listed on our 'Aroids' page.
The tubers and leaves are food staples in Asia & Polynesia.    
Price: Please see Colocasia at our 'Aroids' page


Monstera deliciosa
Common Name: Swiss Cheese Plant
Description: This tropical aroid produces huge ornamental leaves & edible fruit.
Mature plants produce delicious fruit, hence the species name.
Price: $10.00 (1/2 gallon size, 5.5" pot)


Monstera deliciosa 'Aurea Variegata'
Common Name: Variegated Swiss Cheese Plant
Description: The leaves of this variegated form feature large swathes of yellow.
To maintain the variegation, remove any pure green leaves.
Price: $25.00 (1/2 gallon size, 5.5" pot)


Murraya koenigii
Common Name: Curry Leaf Tree
Description: Small tropical tree. The tasty leaves are added to curried dishes.
The garden perennial: 'Curry Plant' is unrelated to M. koenigii.
Price: $12.00 (young sapling in 2.5" pot)

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