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Thank you for visiting the carnivorous plant section of the Hawaiian Botanicals website. This section has been designed as a satellite website pertaining solely to carnivorous plants. This is also the home of our second domain name, which is linked to this page:

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Our selection of carnivorous plants varies from year to year. Species belonging to the Drosera & Sarracenia genera are usually propagated by division here at our nursery. Other species, such as those belonging to the Heliamphora & Nepenthes genera, are imported from nurseries outside of Canada. These plants are normally propagated by seed or tissue culture. All of our importations are accompanied by the required documents (phytosanitary certicate & CITES documents). Our shipments are also inspected by the CFIA upon arrival. Please email us to check our current availability.

Local Sales


Our nursery & greenhouse are open to the public for retail sales throughout the year. However, our hours of operation change with the seasons. Please visit our About Us page to check our current retail schedule.

Note: Some carnivorous plants such as North American Pitcher Plants and Venus Flytraps are native to temperate climates. These plants require a winter resting period and are in a dormant state from November to March. Temperate carnivorous plants are at their showiest from spring until early autumn.

Internet Sales


We ship carnivorous plants across Canada throughout the year. Winter shipments require the inclusion of a heat pack for additional protection. As a precautionary measure, we recommend delaying the shipment of particularly sensitive plants such as Lowland Nepenthes until mid-spring

Please visit our Ordering page for additional shipping & purchasing information.

Note: at this time, we do not ship outside of Canada.



With the exception of Antarctica, carnivorous plants are indigenous to every continent on earth. Their habitats range from the steamy jungles of Borneo to the chilly bogs of northern Canada. Despite this wide variation in climate and geographical location, the habitats of carnivorous plants often exhibit obvious similarities. Typically, the soil of a carnivorous plant habitat is nutrient-poor. These plants have adapted to this environment by using insects and other creatures as their main source of nutrients (in addition to photosynthesis).

To learn more about some basic techniques of carnivorous plant cultivation, please read our short primer:
Introduction to Carnivorous Plants 

Tropical Pitcher Plants


 'Beginner Nepenthes' now in stock: Nepenthes sanguinea and Nepenthes ventricosa: $15.00 each.





Wholesale Inquiries


We supply potted carnivorous plants to Garden Centres in Metro Vancouver and Victoria. Potted plants can also be shipped as far east as Manitoba, using a specialty flora trucking service such as West Coast Floral. For more information concerning wholesale orders, contact us:

Shipping plants via West Coast Floral: West Coast Floral


An outdoor Carnivorous Plant bog


Hawaiian Botanicals constructed a 10' x 10' carnivorous plant bog as our display garden at the 2005 Vancouver Garden Show. Concrete retaining wall blocks provided support for the EPDM rubber liner. The bog was filled with peat moss & top-dressed with a layer of live sphagnum moss. Click on the link below to view photos & the accompanying 'Fractured Fairy Tale'.
Little Bog of Horrors 
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